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Apogee Physicians

Apogee Physicians (Apogee) was founded to implement the next step in the evolution of the inpatient physician model. To excel in today’s health care market a physician group must be more than a group of doctors who see patients, they must create measurable improvements for patients, hospitals, and society. Most inpatient physician models are based on staffing, fewer yet on systems, and virtually none have integrated a combination that fosters the physician-patient relationship while delivering quantifiable improvements in outcomes. Caring for patients is not the administration of a medication or the application of a technology but the personal interaction between the sick and those with the skills to help them. Apogee is a physician group, inside and out, not a corporation engaged in the practice of medicine. Our leadership is composed exclusively of physicians, and at no time do any of our doctors report to non-physicians. We evolved this structure because we know that the business of medicine only exists for the benefit of the practice and not the other way around. This simple philosophy keeps our group focused on our most important customers: patients and the doctors who refer them to us.
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Code USA

Code USA values your trust to accurately provide your medical coding solutions. At Code USA, we take great pride in providing our clients with excellent customer service. We believe that documentation and communication are keys to success, which is why we are available for you after regular business hours. Our goal is to provide accurate, timely coding while gaining maximum reimbursement for the services you provide.
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Healthcare Billing and Management Association

Founded in 1993, the Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA) is the only trade association representing third-party medical billers. HBMA members process medical billing, physician billing, insurance billing, and other claims integral to healthcare billing delivery system. HBMA members frequently perform all of the physician’s practice management functions, accounts receivable management, medical billing consulting, and proactive management services.
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Medallus Medical

- 9 Convenient Urgent Care Clinics
- Leading Utah in quality Urgent Care and Primary Care
- Innovative Medical Membership for the Uninsured and Patients with High Deductible Health Insurance
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Urgent Care Association of America

The Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) was founded in 2004 by seven urgent care leaders to fill a need in the professional field for an association that existed not only to encourage and facilitate the development and success of urgent care centers, but to do so as a representative of its members.

Mission: The Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA) exists to provide leadership, education and resources for the successful practice of urgent care.
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Utah Health Information Network

The Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) is a broad-based coalition of health care insurers, providers, and other interested parties, including State government. UHIN participants have come together for the common goal of reducing health care administrative costs through data standardization of administrative health data and electronic commerce (EC). Similar EC transaction processing has been a reality in the fields of business, banking, and transportation for over two decades. It is appropriate in this time of health care reform that UHIN bring the same efficiencies of EC to the health care industry. UHIN has a centralized health data transaction system. UHIN is the hub for this system.
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Utah Medical Group Management Association

The purpose of the Utah Medical Group Management Association is to advance the profession of medical practice management and to cooperate with related healthcare organizations to improve healthcare delivery for the citizens of Utah.

The UMGMA is an association dedicated to providing for the success of its members and presenting an excellent place for networking among other professionals.
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Via West

Headquartered in Denver, ViaWest provides a unique set of colocation, managed hosting solutions, and comprehensive services to mid-sized and enterprise level businesses. As a super-regional service provider ViaWest maintains 16 enterprise-class data center facilities in Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada, and offers broad expertise to furnish customers with leading technology infrastructure solutions, as well as the critical resources to support their unique business needs. ViaWest currently serves thousands of customers nationwide including Frontier Airlines, The Denver Broncos, Chipotle, and Northrop Grumman.
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