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DNU MED USAWhile the COVID-19 global pandemic continues, more and more health facilities are still trying to work through a crush of patients. Even as the curve begins to flatten in different places throughout the world, that does not mean things in healthcare will go back to normal. Many behaviors and expectations will likely continue, and telemedicine is expected to be one of them. The Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy recently said that telemedicine drives quality because it eliminates barriers for many patients.

The ability to incorporate telemedicine became even more important for practices once the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on March 30 waived rules to allow more flexibility for remote services such as physical therapy and nursing home visits. So, even if telemedicine is not a big part of your practice, knowing more about how to code and bill for virtual home visits is an important part of understanding for the new healthcare landscape. That is why we are setting up a webinar at 12:00pm PST on June 3 to discuss telemedicine coding and billing.

About the lecturer: April Byrd, CPC

April Byrd, CPC, is an RS Operations Manager. April started in coding and billing when she worked at a family practice clinic that had an in-house urgent care facility. Before doing what she does now she worked for an air ambulance company. She now works with a number of specialties.

What topics will the webinar cover?

April will be explaining things such as industry standards about telemedicine — the laws, billing procedures and reimbursement cycle management. This includes information about:

  • Why it’s necessary for medical providers to use a secure platform such as Zoom for Healthcare, instead of Facebook Like of Twtich. Additionally, it’s recommended that practices have a downloadable consent form for patients to sign and submit digitally.
  • The fact that you can’t see just anybody for a virtual consultation. The eligible list consists of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers and registered dietitians or nutrition professionals.
  • Why CMS payer guidelines are different in coverage, expectations and regulations compared to commerical payers and what the guidelines are for best practices with CMS.
  • What Medicare covers for telehealth and the various regulations that go with billing.
  • The differences between an originating site and a distant site.

Why should you make telemedicine an option at your medical practice?

Telemedicine presents a wide range of benefits. For one, there are opportunities for revenue growth. Telemedicine also comes with the dual benefit of a better patient experience because it means less wait time and increased safety. In some cases, it also enables practices to add services.

Why are these things important?

If your practice does not offer telemedicine right now, now is the perfect time to take action. Even after health care practices are able to open with social distancing, and as various regions throughout the country start relaxing shelter-at-home orders, the convenience of telemedicine will likely lead to many patients wanting to continue utilizing it for regular visits.

Telemedicine is policy dependent and that also raises a host of issues that require proper medical coding and billing. Practices must be aware of the differences in policies and without that knowledge, coding and billing issues will inevitably occur. For example, you’ll hear why a patient with a BCBS gold plan in North Carolina could have telemedicine covered as a health service but a patient in the same state with a BCBS silver plan may not have that same ability.

The rise of telemedicine is incredibly exciting and presents opportunities for your practice to grow. However, without proper implementation your risk plenty of hiccups along the way. Our upcoming webinar promises to educate and inform, so you have the tools you need to move forward both safely and confidently.

With more than four decades of building profitable relationships, Med USA is a medical billing and practice management company that provides customized solutions including an integrated electronic health record (EHR) system, medical coding and credentialing services. We provide scalable solutions for all types of providers, from small practices to large healthcare systems.

So, join us at 12:00pm PST on Wednesday, June 3rd, to learn all about how you can prepare for this new paradigm in medicine! Registration link is below:


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