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Practice billing made easy

Medical billing is incredibly complicated. Our practice management system allows you to schedule, check-in and determine insurance eligibility in under two minutes.

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Urgent Care Facilities Increase

THE BENCHMARK REPORTS MILLENNIALS DRIVING INCREASE THE NUMBER OF URGENT CARE FACILITIES INCREASE As patient populations expand and their needs evolve, on-demand providers are evolving as well, incorporating new services and technologies into their offerings – such as...

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Addressing Physician Happiness

The Physicians Foundation 2018 survey, revealed some interesting findings of the impact of several factors driving physician happiness to reassess their careers. Med USA slate of services is designed to remove the operational burden for all physicians.

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Navigating the Waters of the False Claims Act (FCA)

FEDERAL REGULATIONS Navigating the Waters of the False Claims Act (FCA)Knowledge, adaptability and longevity are a few core values of Med USA. To mitigate risk and help our clients continue to prosper we provide services and software solutions to help reduce the...

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HEALTHCARE TECH | TOP 10 REVENUE CYCLE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION PROVIDERS MED USA: LEGACY FUELED INNOVATION “If you are the best at what you do, then you don’t have to worry about finding clients.” This is the philosophy that drives Med USA, as stated by CEO and founder,...

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2018 Urgent Care Fall Conference

Join Med USA at the 2018 UCA Urgent Care Fall Conference, Oct. 12-14 at the luxurious new Marriott Marquis in Houston, Texas. We will be hosting guests, networking, and meeting like-minded business professionals. Book a time in advance for us to connect at the event.

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Medical Professional Engagement

In 1995, two Harvard Business School professors published a paper that shook the strategic planning world. Learn how their finding will help practices engage their medical professionals and enhance the quality of service provided to their patients.

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