Our Services

We understand that the challenges faced by physicians each day are daunting, even without the administrative hassles of running a practice. Med USA, A Physician Services Organization provides a suite of services to aid physicians in collecting payment for the services they provide. Our goal is to act in partnership with your office to alleviate the administrative burden and worries surrounding revenue collection.

Take a look at just some of the services Med USA provides

  • Insurance Credentialing Services
  • Comprehensive Practice Management Software
  • Complete Practice and Receivables Management
  • Reimbursement and Payer Management
  • Experienced and Professional Customer Service
  • Extensive Reporting Analysis
  • Integrated Partner Programs
These services and many more are all packaged in our Platinum, Gold and Silver Solutions which are tailored to Hospital Based Practices, Physician Practices and Billing Companies.

  • Coding Solutions
  • Reimbursement and Payer Management
  • EMR/EHR Integration
  • Lab Interface
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Healthcare Compliance Programs
Foundation of Excellence
Excellence in Action is achieved by integrating compliance into every aspect of our processes and tasks. Med USA’s Standards of Conduct guides our compliance practices for all employees and is the foundation on which Excellence in Action is built. This dedication ensures that our performance meets or exceeds federal expectations for billing companies.
Hospital based physicians present unique billing and practice management challenges. With no on-site support staff to handle the posting of charges and payments or performing needed insurance and patient follow up, it becomes necessary to partner with a billing and practice management solution that can handle these functions. Med USA offers such a solution and much more.

For the hospital based physician Med USA offers it’s Platinum Service. This is our most comprehensive full service solution. Med USA’s billing experts will manage all aspects of your accounts receivable from beginning to end, including insurance billing, reimbursement tracking, patient inquiries, and follow up. Med USA will take the headache out of your accounts receivable.​

Excellence in Action
Our commitment to Excellence in Action means that we endeavor to provide the highest quality services and abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Ethical and straightforward business practices are our guiding principles. Your patients are your greatest concern and the privacy of their information is ours.
A Free Practice Analysis will provide that outsider point of view to make improvements to your revenue cycle management. By taking key metrics of your practice and comparing them against our national database, we are able to provide a snapshot of how well your current revenue cycle management processes are performing. Upon completion of the analysis we will present you with the results and recommendations to increase practice efficiencies.
Respect, Confidentiality, Accuracy
As a partner with Med USA, Inc. you may be certain that your information will be treated with respect, confidentiality, and accuracy. We endeavor to prove that you will not find better service or higher integrity and ethical practices anywhere.

Potential Areas of Evaluation

Visit and Charge Trends
Payor Mix
Fee Schedule review
Payment Trends
Reimbursement Rates by Payor
Bad Debt Ratio and Bad Debt Recovery

Average Days In A/R • Average Reimbursement
Average Charge • Lag Days
A/R Distribution • Work Flow / Processes
Technology Adapted