Complete A/R Management

Complete A/R Management is what differentiates Platinum Service from Gold and Silver. Med USA’s staff will handle these functions, many of which can be tailored to fit your individual practice.

Charge Posting

  • Manual Posting or Automated Download
    • Patient Registration Verification
    • Point of Service Payment Posting
    • Rules/Halt Warnings – non-participating provider, billed amount lower than payer allowable, and more.
  • Charge Capture Verification – Billed Patients vs Patients Seen Discrepancy Reporting
  • Claim Submission
  • Review of Rules Fusion Edits – Ensure clean claim submission the first time.
    • CCI Edits
    • LCD and NCD Edits
    • Demographic Verification
    • Provider Information Verification
    • Customizable Edits
    • Payer Specific Rules

Reimbursement and Payer Management

– Dedicated highly trained staff performs follow up.

  • EOB Follow Up / Denial Management
  • Insurance Follow Up – Incoming / Outgoing Calls
  • Unpaid Claims Follow Up
  • Payer specific follow up time periods.

Patient Contact

  • Patient Calls – Incoming / Outgoing Calls
  • Delinquent Calls
  • Online Payment Portal – Branded for your clinic.
  • Patient Assistance With Payers
  • Patient Statements & Delinquent Notices
    • Paper and Electronic
    • Tailored 30, 60 and 90 Day Statement Messages
    • Automated Forward Address Updates
    • Bad Address Skip Tracing Using NCOA

Insurance Reimbursement

  • EOB – Insurance Payment Posting
  • ERA – Electronic Remittance Advice Posting
  • Immediate Denials and Rejections Follow Up
  • Payments Reconciled to Payer Allowable
  • Rules / Halt Warning; payment is below contracted amount, write off exceeds standard amount and more.
  • Bank Deposits
  • Lock Box Integration

Document Imaging

  • Retrieval and viewing of all documentation posted to patient accounts.

All Med USA Services Include

Scheduling/Front Office Package

  • Intuitive calendar – single & multiple physician view.
  • Quick scheduling of repeat appointments.
  • Automated Receipt Posting
  • Training – Fundamental to Expert
  • Automated Eligibility Verification
  • Individual Physician Templates
  • Rules/Halt Warnings missing phone number, duplicate accounts and more.

Excellence in Action

Our commitment to Excellence in Action means that we endeavor to provide the highest quality services and abide by all federal, state and local laws and regulations. Ethical and straightforward business practices are our guiding principles. Your patients are your greatest concern and the privacy of their information is ours.

Interactive Provider Participation System

This program can be seen throughout the MedPrime software. We integrate each physician’s credentialing status with each payer, into both front and back office functions. This ensures that staff is aware of a physician’s status when scheduling appointments, as well as when they are posting payments.

EDI Submission & Maintenance

  • Daily Claims Submission
  • Electronic Claims Submission and Setup
  • ERA – Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Electronic Submission of Secondary Claims

Respect, Confidentiality, Accuracy

As a partner with Med USA, Inc. you may be certain that your information will be treated with respect, confidentiality, and accuracy. We endeavor to prove that you will not find better service or higher integrity and ethical practices anywhere.

Email or Text Practice Management Information

Schedule practice overview reports to be sent directly to you via text message or email. Practice Overview reports can include the following; number of encounters, charges, payments, A/R balance or even your daily schedule.

Complete Practice Management Reporting

All MedPrime reports are available on demand and many are provided in customizable month end reports. Reports examine each phase of the Scheduling, Front Office, Billing, Reimbursement/Aging, Executive and Employee Monitoring. Custom reports are also available; see ancillary services.

Software Support

MedPrime, Med USA’s proprietary practice management software, was developed and implemented to meet the needs of our own billing services operation. It is updated on a daily basis with the every changing needs of the industry as well as the individual practice.


Med USA commitment to healthcare compliance is embodied in our compliance program, Excellence in Action.

For more information on see our Healthcare Compliance page.

Transitional A/R Management Services

Realizing that your practice needs can change very quickly, Med USA offers a very unique solution to more easily manage your reimbursement processes. Our Transitional A/R Management allows your practice to move between Silver, Gold and Platinum Services. If your practice unexpectedly looses your billing employee, Med USA can move you to a Platinum Service until you retain a new employee. This flexibility offers peace of mind regarding your accounts receivable management during transitions in your office staff.

Ancillary Services

  • Payer Credentialing Services
  • Custom Programs & Reports
  • Prior A/R Conversion & Collection
  • Email and Text Daily Schedule
  • Automated Appointment Reminder Calls, Email or Text Message
  • Integrated Partner Programs
    • EMR/EHR Interface
    • Coding Interface
    • Lab Company Interface
    • Hospital System