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10 December, 2019

Learn more about billing at UCA 2020 – Urgent Care Convention & Expo

Look, the medical field is not one that has a lot of easy things to understand and memorize. It’s hard! But it’s also supposed to be! And that’s why when you work with our experts, you can take comfort in knowing we have people who have spent decades working in the field of medical billing. We have the ability to break it down into ways that are more easily understandable for anybody.
One of our best experts when it comes to compliance will be speaking at a prestigious national convention in a few months. Robyn Adams will be presenting at the annual Urgent Care Association event, which in 2020 will be held in May in Las Vegas.
About Robyn
Robyn Johns has been with us here at MedUSA since she graduated from college at the University of Utah. She developed our Compliance Program, which she now oversees, making sure that our organization maintains and holds itself to the highest ethical standards. As the Director of Compliance, she also has worked extensively on finding innovative ways to increase the quality of work and improve the bottom line for each practice that we partner with at MedUSA
As she says on her LinkedIn page: “I feel especially lucky to have been a part of Med USA for so long. Med USA has encouraged my growth while being incredibly flexible with my time. This has allowed me to raise my family and pursue other interests without slowing my progress or limiting my contribution.”
About the Event
Robyn will be speaking at the Urgent Care Association’s annual convention in the spring, held May 3–6 at the Paris Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas. The 2020 UCA event will be focused on the ability for attendees to get further education in the medical field with a series of sessions such as the one Robyn will lead, along with networking opportunities and more. UCA will also have resources to enhance online education efforts with webinars, and events hosted by our state and regional chapters when they are available.
About the Course
Robyn will be discussing the services that third-party billing companies provide as a service. Here’s a summation of the session:
“Complicated payer policies, value-based care, increasing patient responsibility, and ever-changing government regulation keeping you up at night? Should you consider outsourcing your billing, and if so, how do you know if they are doing a good job? This presentation will help you more objectively evaluate types of services provided by third-party billing companies, the best metrics to measure performance, and the type, frequency, and forms of reports you should be receiving. We will review standard KPIs and help you identify what benchmarks are most valuable for your practice. We’ll also discuss other topics important to your urgent care center’s success, like utilization and reimbursement for non-physician providers, your billing company’s contribution to a positive patient experience, and the necessity of their commitment to your compliance and security.”
Why it’s important
When any practice works with a third-party billing company, they want to make sure there are certain benchmarks. They want to be able to focus on the patient, not the paperwork, so having a third-party biller allows practices to be more efficient by reducing the administrative costs that are involved with billing. A practice can also minimize the number of medical billing denials, and address compliance issues with high levels of confidence. You also are able to improve collections with an accelerated cash flow when working with a third-party biller.
When it comes to KPIs, there are plenty of evaluate as well. Do you want to have cash receipts be the top priority for a daily basis, or something instead such as charges or payables? There are long-term KPIs to consider as well, whether they be the days in receivables outstanding or if you have receivables outstanding over 120 days to determine if payments are done in a timely manner.
And in today’s digital world, a company’s contribution to a positive patient experience cannot be understated. With the number of online sites that allow people to leave reviews for anything including their doctor or a practice of an emergency room, being able to work with a medical billing company that executes all correspondence in a manner that is easily understood, plus of the upmost professionalism, helps in trying to make sure that no negative reviews of your employer are posted anywhere.
Robyn is one of the best experts in the field to give this presentation, and we are extremely proud of the opportunity she’ll be having in Las Vegas. We hope that everybody who is attending in Las Vegas takes the time to hear her speak.
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