Leading-edge security and unwavering commitment to compliant practices mean that you can trust Med USA to protect you and your patients.

Healthcare Compliance

Med USA's commitment to healthcare compliance is embodied in our Excellence In Action proprietary compliance program.

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Foundation of Excellence

Excellence in Action is achieved by integrating compliance into every aspect of our processes and tasks. Med USA’s Standards of Conduct guide our compliance practices for all employees and is the foundation on which Excellence in Action is built. This dedication ensures that our performance meets or exceeds federal expectations for billing companies.


Excellence in Action

Our commitment to Excellence in Action means that we endeavor to provide the highest quality services and abide by all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Ethical and straightforward business practices are our guiding principles. Your patients are your greatest concern, and the privacy of their information is ours.


Respect, Confidentiality, Accuracy

As a partner with Med USA, you may be certain that your information will be treated with respect, confidentiality, and accuracy. We endeavor to prove that you will not find better service or higher integrity and ethical practices anywhere.

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We know how challenging it can be to stay compliant with shifting regulatory requirements and other disruptive industry changes. Our expert in-house healthcare compliance team is here to help your practice navigate these shifts in order to stay fully compliant and avoid the costly penalties that can damage your bottom line.

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