Medical Revenue
Cycle Administrator

The Revenue Cycle Administrator is our reporting platform for multi-location practices, based on Google Maps, that allows a macro-level view of practice financials as well as a drill-down view of financial performance data. It is important for your business flow to have trained individuals who can use the platform, analyze, lead the performance service, and monitor the unit’s performance. Not to mention preparing and developing a close relationship with executives and managers in the business.

Visualize Your
Critical Metrics

Real-time display of all critical metrics that matter to your practice or facility.

Analyze Financial

With the click of a button, display all of your year-over-year or month-over-month comparisons of all the financial data you’ve been searching for.

Customizable Charts

On-demand customizable graphs make viewing any of your financial or clinical data easier than ever before.

Take Control Of Your Practice's Finances

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