Healthcare Analytics

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Healthcare Analytics: Medical Business Intelligence Software

Healthcare Analytics is the latest and most important aspect of scaling your business.

Data is projected to grow remarkably in the coming years, with a 10-fold increase expected by 2025, according to IDC. However, this is only one part of the equation. The most essential part is putting healthcare data to work for you via well-trained and experienced leaders and managers who have access to the most important metrics and understand how to incorporate it into their day-to-day operations and decision-making.

Med USA has a fully customizable cloud-based analytics solution to make seeing your data and running your practice easier. Our Business Intelligence tool empowers managers by giving in-depth insights from data and providing them with a practical understanding of the analytics applications to identify what is working or is not, adjust processes quickly, and initiate new projects.


Track your Visits

Easily view your practices monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly visits. This easily helps empower your staffing decisions based on volume and statistical data.


Identify Trends

Identify trends on when your clinic or facility peak hours occur.



Customize Reports

Custom-built metrics that provide visit and payment projections to aid in your financial decisions ahead of time.


Know How You Get Paid

Knowing your complete payer-mix has never been easier.


Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare analytics is at the core of using both current and historical data to predict trends to improve management of your practice. The trends cover a broad range of metrics and are offered on both the macro and micro level. They can assist in improving patient care quality, clinical documentation and coding, clean claim submission, and cash flow management.

The combination of the business intelligence suite and data visualization tools, powered by Domo, allow the manager to measure their team’s performance quickly and effectively by providing a clear view and analysis of the data. Our BI tool highlights the most important benchmarks for managing your practice, from coding trends to collection rates, billing costs and credit balances. It is our policy to provide our clients with constantly improved services, which are given through meticulously presented information from combined financial and administrative data. This helps us to better our existing procedures so that we can provide the highest quality services in the fastest way possible.

Via the use of our healthcare analytics BI tool, the healthcare provider and office administrator can gain essential insights which will allow them to leverage data into operational excellence. It can also be used to help a healthcare company work at its full capacity more efficiently to ensure that patients are supported during these uncertain times.

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Optimize Your Practice Today

Whether your practice is looking to collect more revenue per visit or simply get paid faster, we can help. Our advanced healthcare analytics not only streamlines revenue cycle processes on the back end, but also helps you more efficiently manage the day-to-day functions of your business:

- Scheduling
- Intake
- Charting
- Prescriptions & Labs

How much revenue is your practice missing?



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