Laboratory Billing

"Med USA has played a critical role in the growth of our business over the last two years. They've brought a deep understanding of medical billing and revenue management in healthcare that we could not have achieved on our own. Plus, they adapted their workflows to meet the unique needs of our ever-evolving company. We could not have succeeded without Med USA."

- Current Laboratory Partner

Scalable Revenue Cycle Management for Any Size Laboratory

Over the last 40 years Med USA remains one of the few privately owned and operated Revenue Cycle Management companies in the industry.

Our 40 years of experience coupled with our proprietary software platform provide your business with a customized solution to scale your business and maximize revenue opportunities.

A full service, experienced team that is ready to meet all of your RCM needs


Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management Services

Every laboratory receives billing denials on occasion but processing them and responding in a timely manner isn’t always easy. Our lab billing experts can handle denials for you by staying in direct contact with insurance companies and the providers you work with. We provide both in-and-out of network claim denial management and resubmissions. Our end-to-end laboratory billing services provide maximum reimbursement for our clients while reducing overall costs & time to payment. From claim submission & payment posting to denial follow-up and appeals, Med USA manages every aspect of the laboratory billing process. We don’t just monitor your account, we actively manage it. 


Real-Time Analytics, Tracking & Financial Dashboards for Labs

For years we have seen crystal reports, spreadsheets, and pivot tables be the only way to manage your laboratory. Med USA believes there’s a better way! We integrated our practice management system with one of the most robust business intelligence platforms on the market. We provide your laboratory with real-time data accessible from anywhere, anytime, even on our mobile app!


Unsurpassed Customer Service

Just one of the important things that sets Med USA apart from others is our service. We are no longer living in the days of dialing toll-free numbers, putting in tickets or service requests, and waiting for someone to hopefully get back to you. With Med USA you will be assigned a dedicated manager as your expert point of contact. When you have a dedicated partner handling your account, you don’t have to worry about the paperwork and meticulous monitoring that revenue cycle management involves. We handle all aspects of your financial processes and ensure that you always have access to our expert billing team. This is just one of the reasons we are proud to say we have a 97% retention rate with our clients.


Payer Enrollment & Payer Relations

Because Med USA has been specializing in RCM services for 40+ years, we know the challenges laboratories go through when it comes to payers & insurance companies. We know how important it is to obtain participation status and negotiate reimbursement rates. We possess an intimate understanding of the tactics payers use to decrease your revenue. We know the insurance companies and we leverage our relationships with them to get your reimbursements as high as possible, as fast as possible.

With Med USA, you'll have a partner, not just a vendor.

Additional Laboratory Billing Features

  • End-to-end Revenue Cycle Management
  • Payer Enrollment
  • LIS / LIMS & EHR system integration
  • Real time Business Intelligence
  • 40-year proven track record
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Fully customizable reporting
  • Certified Professional Coders

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