Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

More than 40 Years of dedicated revenue cycle management (RCM) and credentialing services

Med USA is a medical billing and practice management company. Turn to us when you need customized, adaptable solutions for all the services you need to make running your practice easier—end-to-end revenue cycle, medical coding and credentialing services. If you're an office-based physician practice, a hospital-based practice, a laboratory, a billing company or another related business, talk to us about how we can help you alleviate your staffing, A/R and reporting challenges.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Services Include

RCM Services & Cloud-Based Solutions

Whether you want to maintain your in-house billing staff and outsource repetitive functions such as charge entry, payment entry, statement printing and EDI, or you want to use Med USA’s expertise to manage the entire RCM billing process – we’re here to help.

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Revenue Cycle Management Services

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Charge Posting Services

  • Manual Posting or Automated Download
  • Patient Registration Verification
  • Point of Service Payment Posting
  • Rules/Halt Warnings – non-participating provider, billed amount lower than payer allowable, and more.
  • Charge Capture Verification – Billed Patients vs Patients Seen Discrepancy Reporting Claim Submission
  • Review of Rules Fusion Edits – Ensure clean claim submission the first time.
  • CCI Edits
  • LCD and NCD Edits
  • Demographic Verification
  • Provider Information Verification
  • Customizable Edits
  • Payer Specific Rules
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Reimbursement and Payer Management

  • Dedicated highly trained staff performs follow up
  • EOB Follow Up / Denial Management
  • Insurance Follow Up – Incoming / Outgoing Calls
  • Unpaid Claims Follow Up
  • Payer specific follow up time periods.
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Patient Contact Services

  • Online Payment Portal – Branded for your clinic.
  • Patient Statements & Delinquent Notices
  • Paper and Electronic
  • Tailored 30, 60 and 90 Day Statement Messages
  • Automated Forward Address Updates
  • Bad Address Skip Tracing Using NCOA
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What “end-to-end service” means for you

Every Med USA client gets the tools that help you achieve maximum accuracy, efficiency and—most importantly—revenue.

  • Medical Practice Management System
  • Complete Practice Management Reporting
  • Software Support
  • Healthcare Compliance

Medical Practice Management System

Med USA PM, our fully customizable practice management and scheduling solution, is available for every Med USA RCM services client. Our staff uses this platform for non-clinical practice management services, including scheduling, demographics, billing and claims submission, payment posting, denial management, and reporting. Clients who prefer to use Med USA PM as their practice management solution can take advantage of its scheduling function as well as a fully integrated merchant service solution that makes co-pays and payment collection easy and hassle-free. Billing, claims submissions, and reporting have never been easier! Whether you use our practice management services or we use them on your behalf, this solution will help you scale your business, increase your attention and outreach to your patients, and become more competitive.

Complete Practice Management Reporting

All Med USA PM reports are available on demand, and many are provided in customizable month-end reports. Reports examine each phase of the practice management process, including scheduling, front office, billing, account reimbursement & aging, and executive & employee monitoring. Custom reports are also available for our ancillary RCM services. You can schedule practice overview reports to be sent directly to you via text message or email. Practice overview reports can include the following: number of encounters, charges, payments, A/R balance, or even your daily schedule.

Software Support

Med USA’s proprietary practice management software was developed and implemented to meet the needs of our own billing services operation. Our revenue cycle management software is updated daily to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the industry as well as your individual practice.

  • Help Desk Support
  • Upgrades Included
  • Third Party Software Integration / Interface

Healthcare Compliance

Your patients are your greatest concern, and the privacy of their information is one of our highest priorities. Our healthcare compliance program, Excellence in Action, helps us abide by HIPAA and all other federal and state laws and regulations that determine when patient information can be disclosed.

For more information see our Healthcare Compliance page.

Transitional A/R Management Services

When the needs of your practice change, you need revenue cycle services that can adapt quickly. Med USA’s Transitional A/R Management allows your practice to move between Silver, Gold and Platinum Services. For example, if your practice unexpectedly loses a billing employee, Med USA can move you to a Platinum Service until you retain a new employee. No more need to worry about changes in your office staff when you're partnered with Med USA.

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Revenue Cycle Management, Credentialing and Billing Services

RCM Services to Optimize Your Practice Today

  • Payer Credentialing Services
  • Custom Programs & Reports
  • Prior A/R Conversion & Collection
  • EMR/EHR Interface
  • Coding Interface
  • Email and Text Daily Schedule
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Integrated Partner Programs
  • Lab Company Interface

Start your climb to revenue cycle improvement

Scalable solutions for your practice

Healthcare revenue cycle management is no easy task for your billing team; even the smallest billing errors have the potential to seriously damage your bottom line. Whether you're looking for a few extra hands or a complete department overhaul - our in-house RCM team is here to help you streamline each step of the process and collect every dollar possible.

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