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How Physician Billing Services Improve Your Practice’s Efficiency

| January 9, 2020

How Physician Billing Services Improve Your Practice’s Efficiency

The medical industry and the providers within it face an incredible level of challenge today. It’s essential for physicians and their teams to consistently provide positive patient experiences while maintaining full compliance will all applicable regulations, most notably HIPAA. If your practice has been struggling to maintain an acceptable revenue stream, have you considered outsourcing your physician billing services to a dedicated provider?

It may seem counterintuitive to invest in an outsourced billing company to help you improve your revenue. You’re going to need to either pay a subscription fee or pay a percentage of your total collections when working with most physician billing companies, and you may believe that handling it in-house would save money. This is only partially true. While it may be cheaper on paper to run your billing processes entirely in-house and you’ll have more direct control over your billing in this manner, working with a physician billing service provider has many benefits you may not have considered.

How Outsourcing Physician Billing Services Helps Your Practice

It is essential that every member of your staff understands HIPAA regulations and maintains full compliance with them at all times. This not only applies to the direct handling of protected patient information but also ensuring full digital security and maintaining an appropriate access management system to ensure only approved personnel can access patient medical information. Unfortunately, HIPAA violations are relatively common, and they can easily lead to significant financial penalties as well as a diminished reputation for a physician’s office.

Working with experienced and reliable physician billing services helps minimize the potential for HIPAA violations to occur. Additionally, an experienced physician billing company like Med USA can handle unique regulatory requirements for specialty treatment offices that require more in-depth security measures. A solid physician billing service like Med USA will have staff fully trained on the latest HIPAA regulations, so you never need to worry about leaked protected patient information.

Avoiding Billing Errors and Boost Revenue

You may have an experienced in-house billing team, but unless you have highly-experienced and fully-trained medical coders on your team, you could encounter repeated coding issues with patient claims. These can lead to billing issues that take a long time to resolve, all the while they diminish patient experiences. In addition to proper coding of patient claims, it is also imperative for in-house billing staff to submit claims appropriately and follow up on them as needed in a timely manner.

Working with the right physician billing company can significantly reduce the number of claim errors your practice experiences. The Med USA has a robust suite of healthcare billing software in place to streamline the coding and submission processes with the lowest possible margin for error. If you decide to work with a physician billing company, make sure the one you choose can help you avoid coding and submission errors; this will significantly boost revenue. You’ll spend far less time tracking down the causes of coding and submission errors and will likely face far less pushback against your patient claims.

Growing Your Business With Confidence

Virtually every physician office will need to grow over time. Whether you intend to remain a small practice and only focus on a few dozen patients or have dreams of expanding to a more robust treatment center, you are going to need to attract and retain new patients eventually. This may require expenses like marketing, hiring additional treatment staff, and upgrading your facility. It’s much easier for a physician office to handle these expenses with solid billing processes in place.

Working with outsourced physician billing services frees up time and capital that you can reinvest into your practice, helping you improve patient experiences and attract new patients to keep you in business. The reports you can generate through the Med USA platform help you maintain an accurate understanding of your current revenue stream so you can reinvest your operating capital more wisely.

Handling Specialized Billing Needs

Does your practice focus on general treatment, or are you a multidisciplinary treatment center or specialty office? Different types of treatment centers have different needs when it comes to their billing operations. The right physician billing service can make a significant difference in how steady and accurate these processes execute. If your practice has unique patient claim coding needs and requires experienced billing staff to handle your claims, working with an experienced physician billing company like Med USA can be a tremendous asset.

The Med USA platform offers a wide range of services that clients can supervise through an intuitive dashboard system. It’s also possible to generate intuitive reports almost anytime, allowing treatment center leaders to make informed decisions and track their billing processes in real time. If you have unique coding requirements, your in-house staff may struggle to stay up to date on the latest claim requirements and regulations to apply to your branch of treatment.

Providing Better Patient Experiences

Maintaining an in-house billing department for your physician office is a massive responsibility. You need to ensure you have experienced and talented billing staff who can adapt to changing regulations and ensure full accuracy with every patient claim. They must also have the ability to follow up on claims in a timely manner and maintain appropriate documentation for all billing practices. When your billing department makes mistakes, drains excessive revenue, or fails to provide the level of service you expect, this puts strain on your entire operation and ultimately impacts patient experiences.

Inefficient billing operations will undoubtedly frustrate your patients. Additionally, overworked staff may not be able to provide the positive patient interactions you should expect at all times. Partnering with a reliable physician billing company effectively lightens the load on your in-house staff, allowing you to hone their workflows more precisely while providing them with more flexibility to devote their efforts to creating positive patient experiences.

Med USA has a reputation as one of the leading physician billing services in the United States, with a client base spanning 48 states with a very high retention rate. If you are interested in the benefits an experienced physician billing company can provide to your practice, consider working with Med USA to streamline your billing operations, optimize your revenue stream, and enhance your patients’ experiences with your practice.

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