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How much money is your practice leaving on the table? Schedule a free practice audit to learn how you can leverage customized revenue cycle management, provider credentialing, and healthcare analytics solutions for an optimized practice and long-term profitability.

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Uncover Missed Revenue Opportunities

Your free practice audit will give you an inside look into your revenue cycle and give you actionable next steps to:

  • Increase reimbursements
  • Decrease A/R days
  • Eliminate billing errors
  • Track all outstanding claims
  • Streamline practice management
  • Outsource repetitive functions
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34 A/R Days across All Specialties


98% First Pass Claims Rate


18% Average Increase in Payments


Increase Your Bottom Line & Patient Satisfaction

Outsourcing your revenue cycle means seasoned medical RCM experts handle every step of your billing from start to finish:

Dedicated Billing Team

The key to revenue growth is experience: years of closely monitoring billing data and critical performance indicators. Rather than a small, inexperienced — and likely overworked — billing office, a team of several medical billing experts actively managing each account achieves the highest level of financial transparency.

Constant Contact

Regular communication with providers, insurers, and patients ensures accurate and timely eligibility verification, claim submissions, denial management, EOB follow-up, unpaid claim follow-up, and payer-specific follow-up. With all details accounted for, no revenue can slip through the cracks.

Streamlined Practice Management

An integrated EHR platform is a vital component of operational efficiency. Real-time data tracking and frequent practice overview reports allow providers to make more informed decisions regarding practice workflow and their revenue cycle.

Customizable, Scalable & Adaptable RCM Solutions

Charge Posting Services

  • Patient registration verification
  • Point of service payment posting
  • Charge capture verification
  • Accurate claim submission the first time
  • Provider information verification
  • Payer specific rules

Reimbursement & Payer Management

  • EOB follow-up
  • Denial management
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Unpaid claims follow-up
  • Payer-specific follow-up

Patient Contact

  • Branded online payment portal
  • Paper and electronic statements
  • Delinquent notices
  • Regular follow-up messages

Expert Provider Credentialing & Enrollment Services

The process of enrolling and credentialing your providers will have a major impact your practice’s cash flow. Which is why, as a revenue cycle management company, we offer payer contracting and provider enrollment, as well as primary source verification and privileging. When we conduct your free practice audit, we’ll analyze your current credentialing processes, show you what processes can be automated, and help you see how optimizing these operations can help you realize more revenue.

Real-Time Data Analytics

As the healthcare industry grows more reliant on data, medical providers must leverage data analytics tools to streamline practice management and build accurate financial projections. The Med USA reporting suite hosts a number of cloud-based analytics tools customizable to each practice’s unique needs. Access all your practice data on one simple and easy-to-use platform to streamline each step of your revenue cycle:
  • Patient registration verification
  • Point of service payment posting
  • Charge capture verification
  • Accurate claim submission the first time
  • Provider information verification
  • Payer specific rules
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Better Revenue Capture through Better Compliance

It is not enough to optimize a practice’s revenue cycle. Every streamlined process and every improved billing method must be centered around integrity, confidentiality, and accuracy. The Med USA "Excellence in Action" compliance program works to ensure that every bill we submit and every denial we manage is accurate, compliant and secure.

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“MedUSA has played a critical role in the growth of our business over the last two years. They've brought a deep understanding of medical billing and revenue management in healthcare that we could not have achieved on our own. Plus, they adapted their workflows to meet the unique needs of our ever-evolving company. We could not have succeeded without MedUSA.”

Med USA has an experienced team of knowledgeable people dedicated to our account. They are attentive and quick to follow-up when we have questions or concerns. After working with other billing companies, we feel fortunate to have a partnership with Med USA.

We have been a satisfied client of Med USA since 2001 and would recommend them without reservation! Med USA’s team is highly knowledgeable and always pleasant to work with. If you want full attention and knowledgeable expertise on the revenue cycle management process, I highly recommend Med USA to anyone who is looking for a billing company with excellent customer service.

We have been using Med USA as our billing service for several years now and it has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made. Not only have our revenues significantly improved, but Med USA is always looking out for our best interests. If you think your billing processes could be improved, we would highly recommend you contact Med USA.

I am very happy with the RCM services provided by Med USA. Billing reports and data analytics are sent to me in a timely manner, I am extremely satisfied with the customer service, and I am confident they are helping me collect every dollar possible. Having transparent access to our data has allowed me to have greater confidence in predicting our current and future revenue stream. I would highly recommend Med USA.

We have found Med USA to be a very professional company. They are easy to communicate with, honest, and reliable. They keep an eye on local and federal regulations and help us stay current in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

We have been clients of Med USA for over 43 years and are very satisfied with the service we’ve received. With their transparent processes and the access to data they provide, we have consistently seen increases in our cash flow and revenue since partnering with Med USA.