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3 Different Options to Meet Your Needs

Each Physician Office presents a different situation and therefore requires a unique solution. This is why we offer our Platinum Gold and Silver Services for the Physician Practice. A brief explanation of each service is listed below along with a chart to compare each service. You may select the links for further details on each service.


This is our most comprehensive billing and practice management solution. This level gives you the comfort of knowing all aspects of your accounts receivable are being managed by Med USA’s experienced staff, from charge entry to reimbursement processing to patient calls and follow-up.


This solution is best characterized by the shared approach to managing your accounts receivables. The Gold Service provides you with the benefit of retaining your most qualified and trusted staff to work along with Med USA. We will handle the busy day to day functions which will allow you to fully utilize the experience of your staff.


This service is for those practices which already have an effective and skilled staff managing their accounts receivables, yet want an experienced billing and practice management company providing service and support. Imagine the peace of mind knowing the software you use every day to manage your practice is also being used and developed by Med USA. Additionally, our A/R Transitional Services gives you assurance knowing that Med USA can step in and fill any role of the billing and accounts receivable function.


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