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The Logistics of Partnering With A Medical Credentialing Service

| April 10, 2019

The Logistics of Partnering With A Medical Credentialing Service

Medical credentialing is vital to any practice. And given the extensive qualifications needed to be proficient, it’s preferable for providers to rely on a company like Med USA, which provides billing, revenue, electronic health record, management, in addition credentialing.

The Logistics of Outsourced Credentialing

If you don’t rely on an outsider for help with credentialing, it may create a logistical nightmare for your practice. Not only do you have to make sure every new hire gets credentialed, but you must also continue the process even after initial certification. Licenses may expire, training gets overlooked, and before you know it you’re breaking certain rules and regulations.

That’s where Med USA’s 20 years of medical credentialing experience come into play. We have dedicated account representatives to handle communication with payers and regular status reporting. Our web portal is available to upload documents securely and can alert your team members on mobile devices. With regular monitoring and updating of documents and records, we bill on a per-application basis and never invoice until your application is complete.

Outsourcing Your Medical Credentialing

Outsourcing your credentialing to us has many advantages. Malpractice suits and pending claims can raise your insurance rates, and any type of miscommunication is a risk that you can’t afford to take. It’s another reason to use Med USA.

Use MedUSA for your medical credentialing. Our ability to make sure your credentialing needs are taken care of helps ease your mind given all the other stresses and pressures of running a practice. Get in touch with us and find out more about how we’re the perfect partner for your practice!

Considering Outsourcing for Credentialing?

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