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About Med USA

Med USA is one of the most successful medical billing companies in the United States. For over 40 years, Med USA has provided medical billing services to more than 2,500 clients with a retention rate of over 97%. With so much choice available for billing services in the country, this high retention rate speaks to our company’s commitment to providing “service as a platform.” When you choose to work with Med USA, you get much more than just access to our top-notch billing software and tech support for your Dallas, TX medical practice.

We don’t simply offer useful medical billing software to our Texas clients; we also provide ongoing support to ensure they get the most out of our software in every application and develop solutions that drive their business into the future. Med USA provides adaptability in the face of local market changes and industry breakthroughs. When something changes the way your business operates, you can rest assured that Med USA will continue providing stellar support for all your medical billing needs.

Med USA offers cutting-edge and intuitive medical billing software to streamline your practice’s accounting services. We offer more than software support; we help you develop actionable solutions that ensure the future of your business and the safety of your patients. Medical billing is a difficult but necessary part of providing care to your patients. We want to help you every step of the way.

Med USA Reviews

Finding the right medical billing company to assist your Dallas, TX practice can be difficult. Med USA has cultivated such a strong reputation across the United States thanks to our commitment to client satisfaction. One of our clients recently wrote:

“A wonderful company full of eager and knowledgeable people. Med USA is a company who takes pride in their work and strives to complete everything accurately and efficiently. They provide the very best support. They are professionals and act like it.”

When you choose Med USA to handle billing for your Dallas, TX medical practice, you will have a dedicated account manager who will act as your point of contact for everything related to our services. Customer service is the core of our business model, and you can expect complete access to your account manager whenever you need.


FAQs About Medical Billing Companies

Many medical practice owners wonder if hiring medical billing companies is worth the investment. Ultimately, working with Med USA can reduce your overhead, increase patient satisfaction, and streamline your everyday operations. The following frequently asked questions and their answers can help you better understand the value of working with Med USA.

Q: What Is a Medical Billing Service?

A: A medical billing company will handle all of your patient billing and invoicing on your behalf for a fee. Some service agreements with medical billing companies are time-based, such as a monthly subscription, while others operate based on patient volume. A medical billing service is an outsourced service provider that allows a medical practice to focus more internal resources on running the practice rather than billing.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Hiring Medical Billing Companies?

A: When you choose to work with a medical billing company like Med USA, you save yourself the trouble of handling your own invoicing, billing, and other accounting issues. Your medical billing company will handle all these issues on your behalf and provide you with intuitive software to track everything you need.

Q: What Are the Alternatives to Medical Billing Companies Available Nationwide?

A: Some medical practices in Dallas handle their own billing, but this comes at the cost of additional staff and higher overhead, especially if the practice grows in the future. If you decide not to handle your billing in-house, you’re going to need to outsource these responsibilities to a medical billing company. Some of the other medical billing companies operating nationwide in the United States include MBA Health Group, Kareo, and American Healthcare Billing Services. These companies all offer various levels of service, but Dallas medical practices generally find that Med USA offers much better value with more personalized service.

Q: How Much Does Medical Billing Cost?

A: There is no one set formula for calculating how much medical billing services will cost for your practice. Depending on the size of your practice, your need for onsite servers, and the robustness of the cloud software you want for your data storage, medical billing services can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars each year. Cloud-based services with offsite data storage can cost as little as $25 to $125 per month, but they may not offer the level of security you expect for your patients’ billing documentation. Some medical billing companies offer subscription-based services that charge your practice per month while others will sell you a license to use their billing software.


About Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the ninth largest city in the United States and the largest city in Texas with a population of more than 1.2 million people. Roughly seven million people live throughout the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, and another 4.6 million live within the eight counties of the  Dallas-Plano-Irving metropolitan division. The Dallas area is one of the most densely populated parts of the American South and the perfect location for a new medical practice to flourish with the right support.

Every year, the city of Dallas attracts nearly 25 million visitors and nearly twice as many come to the greater Dallas metropolitan area. Many of these visitors come for business as 21 different Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters situated in the Dallas area, including Exxon Mobil, AT&T, 7-Eleven, Texas Instruments, and many more. Dallas is also a fantastic place for sports fans where the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, and the Texas Rangers attract millions of fans for games each year. The Dallas Cowboys stadium in particular is one of the most popular destinations for sports fans in the United States. With the roof closed, the entire Statue of Liberty could fit inside the Cowboys Stadium!

Dallas has lots to offer visitors aside from sports games and business meetings. The Highland Park Village Shopping Center was the first planned shopping center in America, offering shoppers variety and great deals since 1931. The Dallas Urban Arts District is the largest metropolitan arts district in the entire country and a great place to view incredible works of art from local artists and traveling galleries. Another fantastic event for locals and visitors alike is the annual State Fair of Texas, where the tallest cowboy in Texas “Big Tex” greets visitors before fun-filled days of fantastic Texas food, rodeo events, local crafts, and more.

Dallas, Texas is a diverse and welcoming city with countless experiences waiting for any visitor. Med USA is proud to offer our medical billing services to Dallas medical practices of all sizes and in all medical disciplines to provide this wonderful community with the best patient experience possible.

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