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Don’t let the complexities of orthopaedic billing and credentialing jeopardize your practice’s revenue growth. Our dedicated team of account managers will work with you to uncover missed revenue opportunities, identify credentialing processes in need of streamlining, and create practice-specific strategies for adaptable and efficient RCM. Complete this form to get started.

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Are Your Current Orthopaedic RCM & Credentialing Solutions Limiting Your Cash Flow?

Orthopaedic practices face a unique set of challenges when it comes to getting paid. In addition to the heavy workload of provider enrollment and credentialing, shifting codes and fee schedules can easily overwhelm an already overworked in-house billing team. This leads to costly billing errors that potentially damage your bottom line. A free orthopaedic practice audit will show you how Med USA’s billing and credentialing solutions will streamline your collections and build steady revenue streams. Your audit will reveal:

  • Billing errors that increase time to payment
  • Missed deadlines or oversights in enrollment & privileging
  • Regulatory compliance violations with costly penalties
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HIPAA One Certified Compliant
Med USA Top Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Company Award, 2022

Orthopaedic Practices That Partner With Med USA Typically Experience:

  • An average 18% increase in revenue
  • An average 18 days to payment
  • Dedicated account managers, including a single point of contact
  • Analytics and reporting in real time for total transparency
  • Complete RCM implementation and custom software integration in under 30 days

Orthopaedic Provider Credentialing Services

You know that revenue cycle management plays a crucial role in practice success. However, inaccurate or delayed provider credentialing and enrollment can have an even greater impact on your cash flow. With over 40 years of experience managing orthopaedic practice revenue, Med USA has witnessed firsthand how critical these processes are to the bottom line. That’s why our suite of solutions includes orthopaedic provider credentialing and enrollment, payer contracting, privileging, and primary source verification. Schedule a practice demo to determine where your credential processes can be automated and optimized to help your practice drive faster revenue growth.

In-House Compliance Experts for a More Efficient, Scalable Orthopaedic Practice.

At Med USA, best-in-class billing solutions are just the first step toward a more efficient, scalable practice. Our orthopaedic compliance experts can help maximize reimbursements and accelerate time to payment while maintaining full compliance with laws and regulations. No matter your practice’s needs, our billing and compliance specialists are here to help with customized, data-driven solutions dedicated to your revenue cycle success.

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Reduce Claim Denials. Increase Reimbursements.

There are no long-term commitments for Med USA’s services and pricing is available on a simple per-application or per-task basis.


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