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About Med USA

Med USA is a leading provider of medical billing services in the United States, helping medical practices of all disciplines and sizes manage their billing operations more effectively. With more than 40 years of experience in medical billing, the Med USA system is a proven formula designed to alleviate operational stress on medical practices, streamline the patient billing process, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Today, Med USA serves more than 2,500 clients and holds an impressive client retention rate of over 97%. Once medical practices try the Med USA system, they instantly recognize the value an intuitive medical billing system offers and the Med USA promise of providing “service as a platform.”

Unlike other medical billing services in Nevada that simply sell software licenses and leave their customers to their own devices, Med USA offers continuous support with the Med USA system. Each client has a designated account manager to field questions, adjust services, and handle technical issues. Med USA promises adaptability in the face of changes, both for your practice and for the medical industry. If you decide to move, expand, or adapt your medical practice in the future, you can rest assured knowing that Med USA will grow with you. When you choose Med USA, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with securing reliable medical billing services for your practices and ongoing support for years to come.


Med USA Reviews

If you need a reliable medical billing company to assist your Las Vegas medical practice, you will likely find many options available nationwide. However, none can offer the level of service that Med USA provides to every customer. If you’re wondering what our clients think of the Med USA service as a platform, one client recently wrote:

“A wonderful company full of eager and knowledgeable people. Med USA is a company who takes pride in their work and strives to complete everything accurately and efficiently. They provide the very best support. They are professionals and act like it.”

If you choose Med USA as your medical billing service provider for your Las Vegas practice, you have instantaneous access to a dedicated account manager who can assist you with much more than just our billing software. We believe in maintaining customer service as the core of our business model and your account manager will be readily available to help guide you through all aspects of Med USA’s services.


Medical Billing Company FAQs

For some medical practice owners, it may seem like a difficult decision between hiring a medical billing company and simply handling billing in-house. Every practice has different needs, but working with Med USA can help any Las Vegas, NV medical practice reduce overhead, improve patient outcomes, streamline billing operations, and increase patient retention rates. Consider the following frequently asked questions and their answers if you’re still unsure about investing in medical billing services from Med USA.


Q: What Is a Medical Billing Company?

A: A medical billing company is an outsourced service provider that functions as a billing department for a medical practice. By hiring a medical billing company, the practice does not need to handle billing in-house or hire staff to manage billing. The medical billing company processes patient invoices, coordinates with insurance providers, and performs all of the functions that a typical in-house billing department would handle.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Investing in Medical Billing Services from Med USA?

A: Choosing to work with a medical billing company like Med USA means the practice has more flexibility to focus on patient care and the overall running of the practice without devoting time and resources to handling billing discrepancies, negotiating with insurance carriers, or handling other accounting issues. Med USA provides each client with software and tracking tools so they can stay abreast of their billing situation easily.

Q: What Are the Alternatives to Hiring a Medical Billing Company Available Nationwide?

A: Many Nevada medical practices handle billing in-house, but this choice comes with significant cost. Handling your own billing in-house means hiring staff for your billing department and investing in hardware and software to manage billing securely and efficiently. If you do not wish to handle billing in-house for your medical practice, then you must outsource billing to a medical billing company. Kareo and American Healthcare Billing Services are examples of nationwide medical billing services. However, Las Vegas medical practices that try the Med USA system find that it outperforms these companies and offers more personalized service and greater overall value.

Q: How Much Do Medical Billing Services Cost?

A: Opting to hire a medical billing company to handle billing operations for your Las Vegas, NV medical practice does come at a cost, but the expense is generally much smaller than what you would need to invest into an in-house billing department. Some cloud-based solutions for medical billing can be less than $100 per month, but they do not offer the greatest security standards and could potentially jeopardize the security of your patients’ billing information. Other services that sell software licenses and not much else could cost several thousand dollars for each license without ongoing support. Depending on the size of your practice, how many onsite servers you need, and the level of security you expect, most medical billing companies are incredibly expensive. By comparison, Med USA offers tremendous value, ongoing support, dedicated account management, and the scalability to grow with your practice.


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