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Get Ready for The Spring UHIN Conferences

| March 11, 2020

Get Ready for The Spring UHIN Conferences

When you have been in business for as long as we have at Med USA, you want to be able to have people recognize you not only as an industry leader in your field but a business that is entrenched in the community. This is not just a place that we work, but where we live as well.

And being in Utah, we want to make sure that we not only are seen as a terrific corporate citizen but the type of business that also can share our expertise with others so that our region becomes even more of a leader in the health care business.

That is why we are so proud to be part of the Provider Education Summits again this year. Being able to network with other great businesses throughout Utah and further our reputation as a firm that is highly regarded not only with the clients we have but other health care organizations in our region is a point of pride.

What is the Provider Education Summits?

The Provider Education Summits is a series of health care education events for the provider community that exists throughout Utah. It is geared toward billers, coders and office managers for practices that work across the state.

What started out as a one-day conference in a single room in 1998 with a few tables, has turned into an event that is held in four separate locations and brings more than 450 attendees each year with a range of networking opportunities afforded to those who come by.

We will be having summits throughout the spring including March 31 in Provo at the Utah Valley University Convention Center; April 7 in St. George at the Dixie Convention Center; April 15 in Layton at the Davis Convention Center; and April 16 in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace. Each summit is hosted by the Utah Health Insurance Network.

What is the Utah Health Insurance Network?

The Utah Health Insurance Network (UHIN) is a non-profit organization that works to connect Utah’s health care community through education. Events such as these allow the UHIN to continue and amplify its role in Utah.

The UHIN’s mission is to work for health care providers, payers, billing services, the Utah state government and other partners. It focuses on health care data and software solutions for the community in Utah and serves as a clinical health information exchange throughout the state.

What happens at the Provider Education Summit?

Each event brings together health care organizations to talk about the hot-button topics that we deal with on a regular basis. There’s going to be a lot of speakers during this year’s events and sessions are designed to be educational for every attendee, from the first-time visitor to somebody who’s been with us from the beginning.

Some of the speakers at this year’s events include:

  • Erica Forbush, MediYeti: Audits: Protecting Practices and Bottom Lines
  • Steve Forbush, UDOH: Utah Medical Cannabis Act
  • Robyn Johns, MedUSA: The Weakest Link – How to Identify Unaddressed Compliance
  • Lori Weber, Noridian: Medicare B
  • RyLee Curtis, UUHP: Medicare & Medicaid Updates
  • Josie Moosman, Wayne County: RNs in Primary Care
  • Sara Vandermolen, UHIN: UHIN Tool Updates
  • Erica Forbush, MediYetiL Playing the Payer Game
  • Mark Willis, Relevant: How to Market Your Practice and Lose Your Job: Why Bad Marketing Generates Bad Results

Our speaker at the conference, Robyn Johns, developed our Compliance Program and as the Director of Compliance, she has worked on finding ways to increase the quality of work and improve the bottom line for each practice that we partner with.

Along with more than a dozen breakout sessions, we will also have our annual Payer Panel which has 15 payer representatives participating in an hour-long question and answer session. There will also be a vendor hall where vendors and payer organizations can network and engage with other attendees throughout the day and in between sessions.

What is the mix of attendees?

While the majority of attendees work in billing and coding, we also have people who are office managers, accountants, insurance teams, administrative attendees and those who work in clinical or patient care. There are a lot of specialties represented, including family practices and clinics, billing and electronic health record specialists, home and health hospice workers, behavioral health workers, physical therapists and those who work in pain management.

We’re dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to your patients and have been since 1978. With more than four decades of combined practice management and industry knowledge, our experience will work for your practice, regardless of its size or the number of patients you see.

We can’t wait to share our expertise and knowledge throughout the spring at the annual UHIN networks and have the chance to make new connections throughout the health care business in Utah. We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks and months!