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What is the DPC Coalition and Why Does It Matter?

What is the DPC Coalition and Why Does It Matter?

Healthcare costs are one of the most talked-about, obsessed over issues in our country today. There is no shortage of plans and ideas or philosophies and commitments. Coalitions, political parties and lobbying groups constantly make suggestions, and at the end of the day, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Regardless of all the noise, it’s important to note is that there are groups out there working to make sure that patients are seen without sacrificing the quality of care. There are those for whom the health care profession is not just a job, but a passion. We understand and encourage those passions because we share them too.

Partnering With the DPC Coalition

One way we’re helping further our mission of high-quality healthcare is by working with the Direct Primary Care Coalition (DPC). The DPC Coalition represents physicians, healthcare associations and employers to support the advancement of better primary health care by working to bring patients and physicians together across state, federal and private sector policies. The DPC Coalition also provides an alternative payment model where patients, employers, or health plans pay providers a flat periodic fee for unlimited access to primary care and prevention services.

Med USA is working with both the DPC Coalition and its alliance to help provide services and technology to empower independent providers so that they can focus their attention where it’s needed most — the patients. In the meantime, we work on supporting our partners’ key back-office functions, whether it be managing electronic health records, membership subscriptions, revenue cycle management, credentialing and more.

Less Administrative Tasks = More Time With Your Patients

It’s these day to day tasks that can drag down any physician. Think about it: when you’re focused on administrative tasks, there’s less opportunity for you to spend time with your patients. Med USA works to make sure you can focus on giving the best quality care to your patients without worrying about all the revenue management processes that come after an appointment is over.

Today, about 1,200 Direct Primary Care practices in 48 states provide access to more than 300,000 patients. By being able to focus on the care of patients, we are able to be part of the effort to promote choice and competition in the primary care sector. Letting patients work with a trusted physician gives them — no matter their employee health benefits or self-insurance — the ability to have somebody who can guide them each step of the way through the health care system.

By focusing on the relationship between a physician and their patient, the DPC Coalition is able to make an alternative payment model workable throughout the United States. This relationship helps health care providers achieve lower costs with superior care. Ultimately, this makes the patient experience a positive one.

The Benefits of the Direct Primary Care Philosophy

The Direct Primary Care philosophy focuses on service. Instead of worrying about seeing as many patients as possible, it encourages physicians to spend quality, one-on-one time with individuals. In-depth interactions allow physicians to properly diagnose and treat illness. It also provides the patient with a better long-term health outlook.

The Direct Primary Care model also allows patients to have greater choice in physicians. It also provides information on the pricing and availability of services offered. DPC also eliminates undesired fee-for-service incentives in primary care, which can undermine trust in patient-provider relationships. The DPC model is unique in that it uses a flat monthly fee that’s appropriately priced to support different levels of care.

The Goal of the DPC Coalition

The DPC Coalition’s stated goal is as follows:

“that Americans of all ages and incomes should have access to high functioning, affordable, comprehensive, accessible, personal primary care.”

By working with both the coalition, which is the lobbying arm of the DPC moment and is working on some legislation to grow its reach, and the alliance side of the association of providers that work together, Med USA is able to join with others in the work to make sure that every American has their own unique access to health care.

With more than four decades of building profitable relationships, Med USA is a medical billing and practice management company that provides customized solutions including an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR), Medical Coding and Credentialing Services.

Our Services are based on the concept of adaptability. We provide solutions for Office-Based​ Physician Practices and hospital-based practices with services based on the concept of adaptability. We also provide scalable solutions from small practices and large provider systems.

Get in touch with us today and find out more about how we can work together and make the health care system a better one for all involved. Your patients deserve the best possible medical care and you deserve a career that’s as free of stress as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about the Direct Primary Care model, we encourage you to get in touch today.

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