Decoding NPP Billing Requirements: A Roadmap to Compliance in 2024 and Beyond

Healthcare Compliance Webinar

Robyn Johns

Robyn Johns
Med USA Compliance Officer

Billing for non-physician practitioners (NPPs) like Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA) can be complicated and fraught with risk. CMS continues to transition its definition of split/shared services for NPP care in a facility setting with the 2024 Medicare PFS. For office-based services, CMS established the definition of “Incident to” billing and many other payers followed suit. However, each payer can and often does have its own guidelines for how they want to see NPP services billed. And to top it off, both the OIG and state Attorneys General continue to bring enforcement actions against providers for doing it incorrectly.

How can providers be expected to keep track of all the different rules and changing requirements to ensure compliant billing? NPPs are an integral part of providing attentive, compassionate, and effective care to your patients. Billing for their services can be both simple and profitable when you know how.

Robyn Johns, Compliance Officer at Med USA, breaks down complex requirements into clear and understandable elements to easily apply in your practice, such as:

  • Requirements of both split/shared services and “Incident to” billing
  • Best practices for safe, straightforward, and compliant NPP billing
  • How to streamline billing workflows, documentation, and payer contracting

Help your practice guarantee NPP billing compliance by watching this webinar.

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