Medical Credentialing Webinar

Rich Doc, Poor Doc: How Credentialing Can Make or Break Your Revenue Cycle

February 22, 2023

1 p.m. ET

No Cost

You know a healthy revenue cycle depends on billing, coding, patient volume, and productivity. But another key piece—credentialing—is one you may have overlooked. Credentialing can have a significant impact on your bottom line, for better or for worse.

Join us in our upcoming webinar as we dive into common oversights in the medical credentialing process and examine how these errors can create serious disruptions for both your practice and providers, such as:

  • Delayed or denied claims and fewer reimbursements
  • Misaligned contracts and out-of-network issues
  • Limited scope of patient care services

If you’re interested in learning the basics of a successful credentialing process as well as how you can take your credentialing process from good to great, sign up for this upcoming webinar to hear insider insights from a seasoned medical credentialing expert.


Cassidee Zimmerman


Med USA Provider Relations Manager

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