Eligibility and Benefits: A Best Practice Your Practice Shouldn’t Live Without

Healthcare RCM Webinar

Marissa Redington

Marissa Redington
RCM Director
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Verifying your patients’ eligibility and benefits can take some extra time and effort prior to the visit. But that upfront energy will almost always pay dividends.

Watch this webinar to learn the financial and patient satisfaction benefits you can gain from thorough and accurate eligibility and benefits verification. You’ll also learn some best practices you can put into place right now to improve the process, including strategies to:

  • Start the verification process early
  • Check information accuracy during pre-registration
  • Identify any pre-authorization needs and details
  • Deliver accurate cost estimates to patients

If you’re interested in learning new insights about optimizing the verification process, sign up for this upcoming webinar from a seasoned RCM expert.

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