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Understanding Urgent Care RCM Services: A Practical Guide

| January 7, 2020

Understanding Urgent Care RCM Services: A Practical Guide

Urgent care offices all over the country provide an incredibly valuable service to patients. They effectively function as an intermediary between the primary care office and the emergency room. When a person has an acute injury or an illness requiring prescription treatment, he or she can visit an urgent care facility for prompt treatment at an affordable cost. This helps strike a balance between the usual wait time to see a primary care provider and the expense of the emergency room. Additionally, many medical issues that require prompt treatment don’t necessarily warrant emergency room resources, and urgent care facilities can help nearby emergency room teams remain ready to help patients in need of critical emergency care.

If you operate an urgent care facility, ensure your team stays flexible and responsive to new patients. Urgent care facilities typically don’t see the same patients over and over for long-term care, but rather form the initial point of entry for a patient to start receiving treatment for an illness or injury. Despite the fact that urgent care facilities typically cannot rely on repeat patient business, they must still maintain consistent patient numbers to keep their revenue intact.

An urgent care revenue cycle management service can be a fantastic asset for any urgent care operation that wishes to maintain a steady revenue stream. Revenue cycle management (RCM) is an invaluable service that allows urgent care operations to focus on patient care and expand with confidence knowing that their billing operations are in capable and experienced hands.

What Do Urgent Care RCM Companies Offer?

RCM is a relatively straightforward concept. Rather than handling your urgent care facility’s billing entirely in-house, you outsource your billing to an urgent care revenue cycle management service like Med USA. The RCM service then handles the majority of your billing responsibilities, from coding and submitting patient claims for coverage to generating revenue stream reports so urgent care providers can stay informed about their cash flow and revenue cycles.

If you decide to stick with in-house billing for your urgent care facility, you’re going to need to account for consistent training and retraining as regulatory requirements evolve and medical billing technology grows more complex. It’s also essential to consistently update your file security to maintain HIPAA compliance and prevent protected patient information from being compromised.

An in-depth look at an urgent care revenue cycle can help the practice leadership make more informed decisions about technology and treatment upgrades, hiring additional staff, and updating the facility itself. The right RCM service can also provide in-depth insights into payroll and employee benefits, helping urgent care facility leadership determine the best way to manage and compensate their treatment and support staff members.

Finding the Right Urgent Care Revenue Cycle Management Service

If you’re going to trust management of your urgent care facility’s revenue stream to an outsourced billing service, you need to have some assurance that the RCM company can handle your revenue stream diligently and provide you with the revenue boost you expect. Take a look at a potential RCM company’s track record and current client base. Also, take time to read reviews and testimonials from other clients.

Our Track Record

For almost 40 years, Med USA has provided RCM services in addition to a host of other medical billing services for clients in 48 states. Med USA has also maintained an exceptionally high client retention rate due to the expansive list of services offered and the incredible returns most clients experience after partnering with Med USA. Good urgent care revenue cycle management companies should be able to boost your urgent care facility’s revenue stream in several ways:

  • Minimizing the number of contested or denied patient claims
    The Med USA service as a platform ensures all patient claims are accurately coded and properly submitted to minimize pushback. More approved claims equate to higher revenue and less money spent contending with claim denials and other obstacles.
  • Providing in-depth financial insights thanks to intuitive reporting software
    Med USA has a robust suite of reporting tools we can use to generate client reports on demand. If you’re going to invest in an RCM serve for your urgent care facility, you should choose one that can provide you with the tools you need to grow with confidence.
  • Maintaining full HIPAA compliance
    It is essential for medical providers in urgent care facilities and other treatment centers to carefully safeguard all protected patient information across all channels. HIPAA compliance also requires a robust access management system to ensure that only approved providers and staff members have access to patient records.
  • Providing Responsible Expansion Options
    An urgent care facility will need to grow over time, adding new staff members and upgrading the facility itself as well as treatment equipment. A good RCM service should provide an urgent care facility with the tools needed to expand responsibly, making the best possible use of available revenue at any given time.
  • Communicating in a Timely Manner
    If you decide to invest in an urgent care revenue cycle management service, expect solid lines of communication between the RCM company and your own in-house team.
  • Improving front office patient experiences
    Even if you entrust your RCM to an outsourced provider, your in-house team will stay play a major role in maintaining a positive revenue stream. Working with the right urgent care revenue cycle management company will allow you to hone your front office team to ensure they can collect patient payment information accurately and completely every time. Hiring an RCM company can potentially allow an urgent care facility to consolidate in-house staff and provide more robust front office interactions.

These are just the basics of what a trustworthy urgent care revenue cycle management company should offer. Ultimately, the right RCM service can streamline your billing operations, increase revenue, and help you carry your urgent care operation into the future.

Why Work With Med USA?

Med USA has built a reputation as a leading medical billing service provider in the United States due to our unwavering commitment to excellence and the wide range of scalable services we offer to our clients. If you are looking at potential urgent care revenue cycle management companies to which you can entrust your urgent care facility billing operations, Med USA offers a level of service few RCM companies can match. We understand the challenges facing urgent care facilities and can help them streamline their billing processes to enable better patient experiences.

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