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Addressing The Elephant in the Room: Physician Happiness

Addressing The Elephant in the Room: Physician Happiness

Med USA Analysis of the Physicians Foundation 2018 Survey

Address Physician Happiness

The Physicians Foundation 2018 survey, revealed some interesting findings of the impact of several factors driving physicians happiness to reassess their careers.
The survey concluded that:

  • Most Physicians indicated that they feel “burnt out.” In fact, 78% reported feeling “sometimes, often or always burnt out” while only 12% reported never feeling burnt out.
  • Only 20% of Physicians surveyed reported that they have the capacity to take on new patients.
  • On average, Physicians are spending almost a quarter of their time on paperwork! An increase in previous years.
  • What are the 2 things that Physicians dislike most about practicing medicine? Electronic Health Records and the loss of clinical autonomy.

One physician said, “I’ve told my partners, if I could only see patients, and not have to worry about all the outside BS, I’d practice until I was 70. Now, I’ll probably quit at 55.”
Although not surprising that Physicians are spending more and more time on paperwork, there are solutions to the problem. MedUSA’s billing and practice management solutions can help ease the burden and stress of managing your practice.
MedUSA’s suite of Services and Software solutions has been created to help practices of any size and specialty overcome the challenges of running a practice and a business. The goal is to improve physician happiness by removing the operation burden, allowing medical professionals to focus on their patients and enjoy the reason they chose the profession.

  • Just some of the services provided by Med USA includes:
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Medical Coding and Chart Review
  • Customizable Revenue Cycle Management Service
  • ONC Certified Practice Management and Electronic Health Records
  • Marketing and Reputation Management
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

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