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4 Tips for Managing a Successful Urgent Care Practice


Urgent care practices are an integral part of the modern healthcare system. But as many practitioners know, managing an urgent care facility isn’t always easy. With the seemingly never-ending provider shortage and increasing number of patients, having an efficient and patient-centered practice is more important than ever. Here are four tips to improve your practice and help you serve your patients yet save your sanity.

  1. An efficient urgent care practice starts before a patient even steps foot in the building. Consider using a web-based patient portal that allows patients to schedule their appointments and fill out any pre-visit paperwork ahead of time. Consider also using the interface as a way to contact patients about test results. This can free up front office staff from scheduling calls and managing files.
  2. Think about your waiting room. Is it somewhere you would want to wait? Practitioners often focus on making the back office as functional as possible. The same mindset should be extended to your office’s waiting room. Seating should be comfortable, with your patients in mind. See a lot of young children? Consider an area with smaller seats and child-friendly activities. See elderly patients? Make sure seating is easy to get out of.
  3. Make sure all your practice staff is on the same page. Create a set of clinical protocols for many of the types of illnesses you come across in your patient interactions. These standards of care should include procedures for front of office staff, nurses, and outline any tests that should be ordered. This can save time for both staff and care providers, meaning it will save time for patients too.
  4. Check in with your patients. Feel free to ask a few trusted patients what can be done better within your practice. You can also use anonymous surveys to gauge client satisfaction. This is an essential part to ensuring the changes you’ve made around the office are effective.