A Comprehensive Guide to Outsourcing Your Revenue Cycle Management


In a perfect world, the art of providing healthcare would involve nothing more than a series of one-on-one interactions between a physician and a patient. The patient would pay for the services rendered, the physician would use the payment to purchase goods to continue his practice, and the cycle would begin again. Of course, this…

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Understanding Urgent Care RCM Services: A Practical Guide


Urgent care offices all over the country provide an incredibly valuable service to patients. They effectively function as an intermediary between the primary care office and the emergency room. When a person has an acute injury or an illness requiring prescription treatment, he or she can visit an urgent care facility for prompt treatment at…

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How RCM Services Help You Scale Your Practice


The medical industry faces a tremendous number of challenges in the modern world. Medical technologies and treatment options continue to advance, spurring providers into consistently reinvesting in new treatment capabilities for their practices. It’s also essential for providers to continue to secure new patients to keep their operations profitable. One of the most important parts…

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The Benefits & Drawbacks of Using a Medical RCM Company


When you run a healthcare practice, you have a lot on your plate, more than any one person can handle. An enormous amount of work goes into ensuring that everything is running smoothly and patients are satisfied with their care. But it’s not only efficiency you’re concerned with, you also need to keep the lights…

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