Case Studies

At Med USA, we take pride in serving a wide variety of practices and medical groups across the United States. Let us show you some examples of what we can do.



Urgent Care

MedUSA was able to provide Urgent Care with a 40% Decrease in AR Days, 94% of charts closed on the same day, provider document improvements, and a 25% increase in revenue per visit.

Decrease in AR Days


Charts Close


Same Day

Let our expertise benefit your practice

Take a look at our case studies and see just a few ways we have decreased A/R days for our clients, and increased both revenue per visit and overall billing accuracy.


Urgent Care

MedUSA was able to provide Urgent Care with a 40% decrease in AR Days and helped them to close 94% of Charts On the Same Day


Diagnostic Laboratory

MedUSA was able to provide Diagnostic Laboratory with an average of 18 days to payment, over 8,000 tests billed per day, and complete implementation and integration in under 30 days.


Multi-Specialty Medical Group

Med USA's credentialing services helped this client improve payer enrollment and provider privileging timelines, while developing a centralized data repository. This includes a seventy-eight percent decrease in days to payer enrollment, as well as a sixty-eight percent decrease in the number of days required for privileges. In turn, the client benefited from restored cash flow and was strongly positioned for future organizational growth.

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